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Sinusitis and inflammation

Barrington AcupunctureWestern Medicine is quick to attribute an infectious cause when diagnosing sinusitis. This focus continues in spite of multiple recent studies that demonstrate this to be rarely true during the first 10 days of symptoms. The underlying  pathology is multi-factorial including virus and allergenic inflammatory reactions.

Acupuncture has good evidence based outcomes that reveal better vascular nourishment of tissues and reduced inflammation – the latter conditions include sinusitis, gastritis, colitis, interstitial cystitis and migraines and asthma ( notice that most of these conditions are noted as “itis”).

Acupuncture has the added benefit that 90% of persons will improve significantly and may note months of remission and will, after the initial 4-5 treatments, need reinforcement only several times per year experiencing significantly less symptoms and often reduced to no medication needs. Some of these conditions, esp. asthma, are best treated with a combination of western and eastern inputs.

In fact, as a western medicine trained M.D.,  I would not treat asthma solely via acupuncture.

I would welcome the opportunity to review acupuncture care for you especially if you suffer from an inflammatory and or painful condition.

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