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lower back pain is rough

Who has not suffered lower back pain if even for just a day?

lower back painThe perilumbar muscles, in particular, support our posture and reaching and lifting activities and are anti-gravity muscles.

Micro-tears occur with poor posture, prolonged sitting and heavy or awkward lifting.  80% of low back pains resolve over 2-4 weeks regardless of treatment.

Use ice the first 36 hours and thereafter heat plus anti inflammation meds for 2-3 days can be helpful if not allergic nor ulcer prone.

Acupuncture can reduce your lower back pain and hasten your recovery and would be a good choice if your pains are moderate and/or not improving quickly.
Lower back pain can infrequently be referred pain from renal, gastric, pancreatic or aortic pathology.  In addition, infrequent causes include a large herniated disc or bone disease.

You should seek immediate emergency care if your pain is associated with fainting, vomiting, fever, radiation to one foot with weakness or numbness in that foot, inability to control your bladder or if trauma was involved.

As a physician acupuncturist, I will review your symptoms and advise you to seek imaging and further western medicine review if your symptoms are not typical of micro-tears or you are not noting consistent improvement by 4-5 treatments.

Your may well recover with as little as several treatments and I will provide you with an ongoing care plan at that time also.

Thank you.

Dr. Mark

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