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How do our ears affect us? A primer on auricular acupuncture

A primer on auricular acupunctureAuricular Acupuncture.

What is this?

Yes, you’re right! It does refer to the ear which has been noted from antiquity to be a repository of information, retaining an imprint from health disturbances, both recent and past.
A French neurosurgeon returned to Southeast Asia after WW2 to better understand the symptomatic points noted on the ear.

After much reflection and investigation, he was able to map out an anatomical chart on the ear that is essentially identical to the chart that has been noted over our motor and sensory cerebral cortex.  It has resulted in a greatly enhanced ability to focus on a specific body area or organ.

This information is utilized by a skilled acupuncturist to enhance the primary treatment and usually consists of a small patch or bead that lays flat on the ear and that one then uses as an acupressure point.
Some entities can be treated strictly with ear points including drug and tobacco abuse/use.  Auricular acupuncture has some interesting outcomes.

I will frequently utilize these points to enhance the acupuncture input and I will review the mapping charts for your understanding.
I look forward to assisting you with this added input modality.

Dr. Mark Gibson

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